Lt. Jimmy Waller Donation Presentation

The Thin Blue Line Foundation sends our sincere condolences to the Waller Family and the Conroe Police Department over the tragic loss of Lt. Jimmy Waller, a 22 year veteran. Thank you to the TBL LEMC Nation, Montgomery County Chapter, and all members that participated in today’s presentation to Conroe PD on behalf of Lt. Waller.

Lt. Waller and his wife Adele were seriously injured during a tornado that destroyed their home. Sadly, Lt. Waller’s serious injuries eventually took his life. The Thin Blue Line Foundation and numerous Thin Blue Line LEMC members, as well as the Montgomery Ct chapter made financial donations to the Waller Family and presented to Conroe PD.

Donation to Leander Police Department Officer in Need

On Sunday April 7th, members of the Thin Blue Line LEMC Austin Chapter met with Leander PD Officer Jinger Fuller and presented her with a 1500.00 donation to assist with medical expenses while she battles cancer.

Jinger Fuller has been diagnosed with stage 3C cancer. Jinger has diligently served her community as a police officer with the Leander Police Department for over 15 years. She recently underwent an aggressive and invasive surgery but experienced further complications that will result in her going through chemotherapy and radiation. Jinger is 37 years old and the mother of a 9 year old. To say this diagnosis was unexpected wouldn’t even begin to describe this unfathomable development.

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