Octoberbreast Ride 2022

The OctoberBreast Ride from the Thin Blue Line LEMC was hosted by the Lone Star Chapter on October 8th, 2022. Proceeds for the raffle and ride went towards Breast Cancer Awareness. Help us fight against cancer and support those affected by breast cancer.

In Memoriam

Mike “Boxcar” Thomas
EOW 8-29-11
Marco “Tapout” Zarate
EOW 7-12-16
Darryl “Cujo” Malone
EOW 1-21-18
David Lee “Scoop” Lopez
EOW 10-2-18
Honorary Freeport Officer Abigail “Bash” Arias
EOW 11-5-19
Jerry Wayne “Wings” Harbour
EOW 7-18-20
EOW 7-18-20
Michael “Psycho” White
EOW 7-18-20
Sqt. Joseph “Kelly” Lazo
EOW 7-31-20
Ralf “Biggerin” Marx
EOW 12-31-20
Terrie Lynne “Boo” Gray
EOW 1-18-21

Four members of Thin Blue Line LEMC killed by a drunk driver in Kerrville, Texas – Rest in Peace

Jerry Wayne Harbour, AKA “Wings” – National Ambasador

Joseph Paglia, AKA “GT” – President, Chicago Chapter

Mike White, AKA “Psycho” – Chicago Chapter Secretary

Sqt. Joseph “Kelly” Lazo – Chicago Chapter Vice President – July 31, 2020

International Chapter Potential

In June 2017, members of Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club went to Costa Rica to visit some law enforcement personnel interested in starting a chapter.

We welcome all law enforcement personnel who ride motorcycles to inquire about interest in a chapter in your area.

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