Mike “Boxcar” Thomas
EOW 8-29-11
Marco “Tapout” Zarate
EOW 7-12-16
Darryl “Cujo” Malone
EOW 1-21-18
David Lee “Scoop” Lopez
EOW 10-2-18
Honorary Freeport Officer Abigail “Bash” Arias
EOW 11-5-19
Jerry Wayne “Wings” Harbour
EOW 7-18-20
EOW 7-18-20
Michael “Psycho” White
EOW 7-18-20
Sqt. Joseph “Kelly” Lazo
EOW 7-31-20
Ralf “Biggerin” Marx
EOW 12-31-20
Terrie Lynne “Boo” Gray
EOW 1-18-21

Four members of Thin Blue Line LEMC killed by a drunk driver in Kerrville, Texas – Rest in Peace

Jerry Wayne Harbour, AKA “Wings” – National Ambasador

Joseph Paglia, AKA “GT” – President, Chicago Chapter

Mike White, AKA “Psycho” – Chicago Chapter Secretary

Sqt. Joseph “Kelly” Lazo – Chicago Chapter Vice President – July 31, 2020

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