A joint fundraiser with Central Texas HD (CTH), TMPA, and the OAG Association was held at CTH for Texas OAG Captain Wes Hensley, who was shot 9 times during a felony warrant execution in Harris County

TBL LEMC ATX Chapter attended and provided a check to the TOAG Association for $1,000. The money was a small part from the chapter funds but mostly from chapter member’s private pockets.  I could not be more proud of the members of TBL ATX Chapter at last minute notice they dropped what they were doing and within 30 minutes had raised $1,000 to help this Texas Guardian of the Thin Blue Line.  ATX Chapter members got to meet Captain Hensley’s children and learned that the Captain is doing well and in good spirits. I expressed to his children that their father has the fighting spirit of a true Texas Peace Officer Hero.

The TOAG Association President advised me that there is an upcoming fundraiser in Houston very soon.

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